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computer vision syndrome

Long past are the days where the consumption of information was limited to using traditional media, such as books, newspapers, and magazines. For the most part, many of these printed forms of media have been replaced with digital copy. The increased popularity and dependence on the internet, coupled with the increased use of digital devices, have all but made their hard copy counterparts obsolete. However, this transition has not resolved a commonly experienced issue, eye strain. Eye strain occurs when the muscles of the eye are used for an extended period of time without any rest, or in an environment requiring an increased effort to focus. This disorder can result in a person experiencing certain levels of discomfort, potentially leading to headaches. In fact, digital media has only transformed what was known as eye strain into a disorder called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS. But what is Computer Vision Syndrome? What CVS associated symptoms and causes should a person be aware of? And how is it treated or prevented?

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

According to Contact Lens King, Computer Vision Syndrome is a disorder caused by eye strain, resulting from the constant focus on pixels within digital images. Some of the symptoms and causes for this disorder are similar to eye strain associated with traditional media, however there are some differences. By understanding the symptoms and causes associated with this disorder a person can take the necessary steps to properly treat and prevent it.

Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

Some basic symptoms of computer vision syndrome that a person should be aware of include the following:
  • blurred vision
  • headaches
  • redness of eyes
  • eye twitching
  • dry eyes
  • burning sensation of eye

If any of these above symptoms are experienced you might be suffering from eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

computer vision syndrome symptoms

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes

Some causes of computer vision syndrome may include the following:

  • Extended periods of viewing time without resting your eyes
  • Viewing/reading something in a poorly lit area
  • Pixelation of display
  • Flickering of display
  • Glare from display

By avoiding or reducing the impact of these root causes a person can decrease the chances of experiencing eye strain and/or computer vision syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes

Preventing and Treating Computer Vision Syndrome

One of the easiest and best ways to treat eye strain caused by reading and focusing on something for extended periods of time is to simply rest your eyes. Whether you experience this strain while reading a book, using a mobile phone, or watching television, it is important to try and take a break every 10 minutes to give your eyes a rest. With Computer Vision Syndrome there are some added factors that need to be addressed in an effort to avoid this disorder. Here are three suggested precautions you can take to avoid or combat Computer Vision Syndrome.

  • Back-lit screens: Devices that have well back-lit screens can make it easier for the reader to focus.
  • Reduce pixelation effect: Use technologies that address pixelation issues by displaying text more closely resembling printed work.
  • Computer vision syndrome glasses: Used to reduce external factors such as glare.

By avoiding or reducing the impact of these root causes a person can decrease the chances of experiencing eye strain and/or computer vision syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

Computer Vision Syndrome is indiscriminate and may develop in people of any age, gender or race. However, being aware of the potential symptoms of this disorder a person can decrease their chances of experiencing CVS.

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