Dangers of Eyelash Extensions | Are They Safe?

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So you or someone you know wants to give addtional emphasis to their eyes and is considering getting eyelash extensions to achieve this. The Eyelash extension procedure can be time consuming and expensive, involving the precise placement of each individual synthetic lash to the natural eyelash and not the eyelid. Although eyelash extensions can provide some cosmetic benefits did you know that they can also be dangerous. Some negative affects may include red eyes, eye swelling and infection. Let's investigate some basic dangers of getting eyelash extensions that people should be aware of.

Allergic Reactions

Although allergic reactions are rare during the procedure it is important to note that they do occur. Depending on the material and products that are used by the technician to adhere them to your natural lashes you could develop an allergic reaction. In an effort to avoid this outcome it is critical to inquire and be aware of the products that will be used and confirm that you have no history of allergic reactions to these products and/or chemicals.

Eye Irritation

A more common danger of getting eyelash extensions is developing an irritation reaction to the procedure. According to a Japanese web-based survey, it was found that 26.5 percent of people that opted for the procedure experienced some type of reaction such as irritation, swollen eyelids, and itchiness. In the case of this survey the reaction was mostly related to the quality of products that were used. For instance, in some cases the glue used to adhere the false lashes to the natural ones contained formaldehyde, a colorless, strong-smelling, flammable chemical that is used in building materials. In an effort to avoid these types of reactions it is critical to confirm the technician doing the procedure uses quality products; specifically the glue to adhere the lashes.

Eye Infections

Another critical detail to consider while searching for qualified technicians is to confirm they work and maintain a clean and sanitary environment. For example, confirm that they follow appropriate sanitary procedures such as washing their hands, wearing masks, using sanitary pillow covers, sterilizing their tools, and using disposable eyelash brushes. It is important to know that if the person applying the lashes does not follow these basic sanitary procedures that it may put you at risk of bacterial infections which can lead to conjunctivitis/pink eye and other potentially potent pathogens that can be hard to treat.

Eyelash Extensions Precautions

The allure of eyelash extensions can be appealing to some, however it is important to take precautionary steps to properly prepare for and avoid any potential dangers that may exist. Some steps that should be taken should include the following:

  • Certified Technician: Use certified technicians to complete this procedure. Certified eyelash extension technicians are trained to take the appropriate precautions and steps to avoid and mitigate any potential threats or danger.
  • Waiver: Confirm that the technician requires a waiver for the procedure. Waivers indicate that the technician is aware of the risks involved with the procedure and they can thoroughly explain them before you commit to the preocedure.
  • Research: Research, read reviews, and if possible request references. This step could provide invaluable information such as work ethic, sanitary conditions and quality of work.
  • Product Quality: When a technician is finally found it is imnportant to inquire about the quality of product they use. Ask them to provide a list and confirm that the material is not harmful and that there is no history of allergic reactions to any of them.

Eyelash extensions are popular cosmetic products, however many are oblivious to the dangers that might be assocaited with the procedure. By following the precautionary steps mentioned in this article a person can help avoid any dangers associated with eyelash extensions.


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