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Eye Color Charts

A person's eye color is a genetically inherited trait dictated by multiple genes along with the occurrence of melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment found in cells of the iris of the eye and is critical in defining the color of the eye. For instance, an abundance of melanin will result in brown eyes while a lesser quantity can result in expressions of green, and potentially blue colored eyes. Genetically speaking there are certain colors that are more dominant than others. For instance, brown eyes are the most dominant followed by blue then green. In an effort to clearly illustrate how the most popular colors are broken down in their expression in the general population we have created the following eye color charts.

Eye Color Chart by Percentage

The most common eye colors in the world are brown, hazel, blue, green and amber. These eye colors make up approximately 75% of all colors in the world with the remaining percentage composing of other unique and rare colors such as black and red eyes. Below is an eye color pie chart illustrating the most common colors expressed as a percentage of all eye colors globally.

Below is the same data illustrated in a bar chart form:

Although eyes are incredibly complicated organs, color can easily be considered their most interesting feature. The above eye color charts help provide a better understanding of which colors are the most common and why. However, it is important to note that although genetics play a role in the determination of one's eye color they may not be the only defining factor.

For more information regarding eye color charts and their respective percentages read the following article titled Eye Color Percentages.

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