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Eye Floater Cure

Millions of people around the world are affected by eye floaters. Eye floaters are black or gray obstructions that seem to drift aimlessly in a person's field of vision. These floaters can impact individuals differently ranging from being a mere nuisance to a disorder that directly affects a person's overall visual acuity. The cause of these eye floaters can be attributed to many factors including age, infections, injury and/or retinal damage. This article aims to look at possible eye floater cures and treatments currently available.

Most of the time people who are experiencing eye floaters do not require any treatment and simply need to wait the event out. It often resolves itself naturally through the eye's natural drainage system. However, for individuals who have more pronounced and chronic case of the condition here is a list of eye floater cures and treatments that can be considered:

Eye Floater Cures and Treatments

  • Move Eye: Many cases of eye floaters are benign and usually go away on their own. In these cases a person might be able to remove the floater from their field of vision by simply moving the eye up and down and side to side. Since floaters move around in the eye's aqueous humor, a normally transparent watery fluid, rapid movements of the eye can affect the location of floaters and therefore move the obstruction from the field of vision.
  • Vitrectomy: This is a procedure performed on a patient who is experiencing a more severe case of eye floaters. A Vitrectomy is not necessarily an eye floater cure but it can temporarily, or perhaps in some cases permanently, remove the floaters by replacing the vitreous fluid within the eye with a balanced salt solution. It is important to note that the salt solution does not contain any of the protein concentration that exists in the natural aqueous humor normally nourishing the same anatomical space. This procedure does not guarantee that floaters will not return at some time in the future.

  • Laser Treatment (Vitreolysis): Vitreolysis, although not considered an eye floater cure, is considered to be an effective alternative treatment. This procedure uses a special laser to vaporize the debris within the eye in an effort to remove or reduce their volume, therefore ultimately reducing the obstruction created by the floaters. The end result is that patients' overall visual acuity is improved.

If you or someone you know experiences seeing black or gray dots, cobwebs, rings and threadlike strands in their field of vision there is a strong possibility that eye floaters may be the cause. It is advisable that you consult an eye doctor in order to establish the appropriate diagnosis and the potential treatment options that may be available to you.

For more information on eye floaters along with their causes, symptoms and treatments read this article titled "WHAT CAUSES EYE FLOATERS".


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