2 Simple Techniques to Properly Inserting Contact Lenses

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Arguably one of the biggest fears of wearing contact lenses is dealing with the insertion and removal process of the lens itself. In this article we will provide commonplace techniques that you can use to insert contact lenses. Depending on your preference and ability there are two distinct techniques recommended. The first technique may be considered the easier of the two, where both hands are used to manipulate both your eye and the lens itself. The second technique involves using one hand and may require some additional skill, coordination and control.

Technique 1: Inserting Contacts Using Two Hands

  1. Place the lens right side up on your dominant hand's index finger
  2. Use the middle finger of the other hand to pull the upper lid up and look up
  3. Use middle finger of the dominant hand to pull down the lower eyelid
  4. Place the lens sitting on the index finger centrally onto your eye
  5. Look down as you place the lens on the eye to properly position the lens
  6. Slowly release your eyelids

Technique 2: Inserting Contacts with One Hand

  1. Place the lens on your dominant hand's index finger
  2. Pull down the lower eye lid with your middle finger
  3. Look up as you place the lens on the white part of your eye
  4. Remove your fingers from the eye and look down to position the lens
  5. Close your eyes to help center the lens on your eye

To learn how to properly remove contact lenses follow the steps located on this page.

Inserting and Removing Contact Lenses | Bausch.com


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