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National Literacy Month: Promoting Eye Health While Reading

Reading books plays a fundamental role in developing and expanding one's vocabulary, strengthening communication skills, improving comprehension, and allowing for the uninhibited dissemination of information while promoting education. National Literacy Month is a global movement with a great cause. It promotes and encourages reading with a view to improve the level of literacy in society.

Over the last 20 years the increased popularity and availability of computers and other hand held electronic devices has caused the book industry to experience a tectonic shift which changed the way people consume information. The digital revolution that we have all experienced of late now allows people to consume information in various forms, and on various devices. This information can range from electronic news articles, videos, and even electronic books. With our eyes being the portal through which this information is received it is important to take the appropriate precautions and maintain good eye health in order to ensure excellent vision. In an effort to celebrate National Literacy Month we would like to provide safety tips on how to reduce eye strain while reading, and ultimately improving your reading experience to make it more enjoyable. We will investigate possible issues associated with reading caused by both traditional and digital books and share suggestions on how to address them.

Traditional Books:

Traditional book There are many people who prefer the authentic feeling and experience of holding and reading a printed book; however, these people should consider two things before doing so. The first consideration is the light source. Choosing a location that is well lit will enhance the contrast of the text on the pages making it easier for the reader's eyes to focus. The second thing requires discipline. Consider training yourself to take a break every 10 minutes or so while reading. This exercise can help prevent unnecessary eye strain and potential discomfort.

Digital Books:

digital book

With the inception of digital devices an entirely different set of issues has arisen. Readers of digital media are prone to experience CVS, or Computer Vision Syndrome, which is caused by the eye straining in an effort to focus on the pixels that make up the image. This additional eyestrain can lead to headaches and blurry vision. Therefore, similar to traditional books, it is important to take a break every 10 minutes or so in order to allow your eyes to relax. Although there are some drawbacks to digital books there are also some advantages. The biggest is that many of the devices have backlit screens that help increase the contrast on the display therefore improving its overall readability. There are also new technologies that address the pixelation issue by displaying text that more closely resembles printed work.

By following the above suggestions people can enjoy this popular pass time while avoiding any issues or discomfort. Reading plays an important role in helping people to expand their knowledge and positively grow as individuals. That, on its own, promotes the basics required in the development of a stronger society. We hope, in the spirit of National Literacy Month, that the above information helps in reminding, and potentially encouraging people to pick up a book and expand their minds.

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