What is Orthokeratology ("ortho-k")?

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Do you or someone you know suffer from Myopia or nearsightedness? If so there is a treatment called Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K for short, that is available and which may help improve your vision. Orthokeratology is a treatment process that uses rigid contact lenses to gradually reshape the cornea in a gradual but sustained effort to improve vision.

The Orthokeratology Process

The treatment process itself is usually applied overnight. In practical terms, the user wears the rigid lenses to reshape their cornea while they sleep. A successful treatment process requires that the user get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, a minimum sleep requirement that should become a daily regimen. In many instances, Orthokeratology allows people to go all day without the need for any type of vision correction. However, there are cases where the effects of the Ortho-K process wear off during the day.


How effective is Orthokeratology?

The effectiveness of the Orthokeratology process is virtually limited to hours. However it is considered to be one of the simplest and non-invasive processes available on the market today. Ortho-K is a process that needs to be done regularly, on a nightly basis. If the corrective treatment is ever discontinued the curvature of the eye will return to its original shape.

Orthokeratology FDA Requirements

The FDA currently requires that eye doctors be properly trained and certified in overnight Ortho-K before they can offer it as a possible treatment option. It is critical to note that if you or someone you know opts in for this process special attention should be placed upon confirming that the eye care professional is FDA certified to fit and prescribe the lenses required for this treatment option.

FDA | Ortho-K


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What is Orthokeratology ("ortho-k")?

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