Shop For Your Contact Lenses Online And Save

Over the years many consumers have grown accustomed to doing their shopping online. On balance, the consumer's original concerns over security and the safeguards provided by online retailers for the protection of their private information has diminished over time as a direct consequence of the online retailers' sensitivity to these matters as well as their fear over potential lawsuits related thereto. Retailers have moved rapidly to invest in and implement security systems that allow the consumer to enjoy a great shopping experience.

Buying contact lenses online is now just like any other online retail experience. Leading websites are in the business of selling the same contact lenses that you buy at your eye doctor's office, the superstore optical outlet or at your favorite optical chain store. The difference is that you will save money.

To make your online shopping experience quick and easy make sure that you have all of the information that you need. Federal law requires the online retailers to verify your contact lens prescription for validity and accuracy. To do that the online retailer can offer you a few options. The fastest option, and the one that guarantees the immediate processing of your online order, is the one where you fax or upload your valid contact lens prescription. If you are not in possession of your valid contact lens prescription all you have to do is provide the company with your eye doctor's name and address as well as his telephone number (if you don't have his/her fax number). In this latter instance a contact lens prescription verification fax will be sent to your eye doctor. The eye doctor is given a minimum of 8 business hours to respond. If, for whatever reason, the eye doctor doesn't respond or elects not to for whatever reason, the online retailer is legally permitted to accept the lens measurements that the customer input online as accurate and therefore immediately proceed with the order. Payment of your online contact lens order is safe and easy. It is always conducted securely and with many safeguards, including the encryption of your credit card information. These procedures are put into place to provide a safe shopping experience.

Once your order is shipped the next thing that you will know is that your contact lenses are at your door. No more missing work to make your appointment at the eye doctor, no more traffic hassles to get there, no more parking fees to pay while at the eye doctor's but you will enjoy lots of savings.

Try it soon and enjoy the freedom while saving your dollars.

Chelsea K. Francis
Research & Marketing
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