Types of Eyes and What They Say About You

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Types of Eyes

While growing up I remember hearing people comment about how "he has gentle eyes" or "she has sad eyes" but I never understood what they meant by those descriptions. At the time I just couldn't imagine that eyes can show emotion or provide insight into a person's personality. However, as I grew up and began to pay more attention to how people express themselves with others I started realizing that certain actions such as eye contact, squinting, fatigue, brow shape and positioning can alter and play a role in expressing momentary or even permanent emotional states.

Whether you realize it or not, when you meet someone for the first time your first impression is directly predicated upon eye contact. This initial encounter can play a huge role in how you are perceived and accepted. Let's take a closer look at the various types of eye expressions and analyze what they may say about you and your personality along with how they may impact your life.

There are almost as many types of eyes as there are adjectives to describe them, however in this article we will focus on the most common eye expressions that I have personally experienced in my day to day life. These include: happy eyes, sad eyes, angry eyes, shy eyes, kind eyes, and bedroom eyes. Let's take a closer look at the physical aspects that define these types of eye expressions and discover what they may be trying to convey to the viewer.

happy eyes

Happy Eyes

With a slight gleaming squint, lifted cheek lines and rounded brows it is difficult to perceive a person with these eyes as being unhappy. People feel welcomed and energized when they are around those with happy eyes. This type of eye allows a person to easily connect with others and promote positive relationships.

sad eyes

Sad Eyes

With a gripping look of the brows trying to grasp the center of the forehead, creating a staircase of wrinkles the sad eye is born. These eyes are somber and quietly crying out to those around them for empathy and/or support. People with these types of eyes can trigger the altruistic side of the viewer who would inevitably try and help anyway they can.

angry eyes

Angry Eyes

These eyes are defined by downward leaning of brows, squinting of the eyes and an uncomfortable stare. This type of eye, with its intolerant gaze, sends a clear message to those around to stay away. The people wielding these eyes are easily annoyed, irritated and intolerant making them extemely unapproachable. Their emotions will directly impact the way they communicate with others in a highly controlling manner.

shy eyes

Shy Eyes

These eyes are usually associated with the introverts of the world where avoiding eye contact is a behavior used to stay clear of any uncomfortable interactions. Shy eyes are characterized by a non-invasive downward look avoiding unwanted attention. They use their eyes as a coping mechanism in an effort to avoid over stimulation. Shy eyes may indicate a person who prefers solitude and enjoys a more focused type of communication. Their nonconformity many may promote superior creative skills and originality.

kind eyes

Kind Eyes

Kind eyes are a more subdued version of happy eyes. Although a person with kind eyes doesn't seek attention they do not avoid social interactions. With their non-judgemental demeanour highlighted by an attentive gaze and complimented by high cheek contours (indicative of a warm smile), these eyes provide an allure of trust and confidence. People who are graced with these eyes come across as genuine and sincere making them easy to confide in regarding any topic.

bedroom eyes

Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom eyes are a more sexual variation of shy eyes. People who have these do not use words to interact but leverage their eyes to make a statement. A subtle and attentive upward glare defines bedroom eyes as a reserved but interested. People who use this type of eye are usually social, fun and prefers to be amusing rather than serious.

Although there are many different types of eye expressions that can illicit many different emotions, it is critical to be mindful of the contexts in which they are observed. For instance, a public speaker should avoid shy eyes similar to how a police officer should avoid bedroom eyes while on duty. Eye expressions can speak volumes about your personality before a single word is uttered and can be a powerful and effective non-verbal tool used in communicating with others. So the next time you stare at someone, make sure you are sending the right message.


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