Eye Makeup Videos: 5 Techniques You Should Know
Eye Makeup Videos

Eye makeup has become an art form providing people the ability to express their personality types while making an emotional statement. There is a variety of eye makeup styles ranging from seductive cat eyes and sexy smokey eyes to subtle candlelit eyes. Below is a list of some of the most popular eye makeup styles and respective video tutorials on how to achieve them.

5 Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions provide additional emphasis to your eyes while also virtually making eye makeup unnecessary. On the flip side however, there are some disadvantages and side effects associated with this procedure such as red eyes, eye swelling and irritation. But what should a person be aware of to avoid any negative outcomes?

How Contact Lenses Can Improve Your Sex Life
Increasing sex life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could alter your appearance, maybe even your personality? Perhaps you already have by simply changing your hair style or hair color for a special event. Did you feel more confident after the transformation? Did this transformation change the way you perceived yourself? Did people around you, including your closest friends, treat you differently? I think the answer to most of these questions to one degree or another is yes; but why?

10 Best Makeup Tips for Round Eyes
Makeup Tips Round Eyes

There are a variety of eye shapes requiring a variety of makeup styles. Understand your eye shape is essential when applying makeup in order to get the perfect look. This articles shares some really helpful tips for those with round eyes.

7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake
Eye Makeup Tips

If you did not sleep last night and your eyes look swollen, worn out and droopy there is no reason your eyes have to show it. Learn makeup tips on how to make your eyes look wide awake. If you are seriously looking for help to make your eyes look wide awake, this article has some fantastic makeup tips.


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