What is Farsightedness, Hyperopia and Hypermetropia

There are more than 3 million new cases per year of people being impacted by farsightedness, also known as hyperopia or hypermetropia. This disorder directly impacts the refraction of light reaching the eye. But what causes is and how is it treated?

What Causes Styes? Eye Stye Treatment and Symptoms
What Causes Styes

A stye is generally described as a blocked gland at the edge of the lid which has become inflamed, irritated and infected. This can result in localized redness and pain on the margin of the eyelid. But what causes it and how are they treated?

Alexandria Genesis: Does Natural Purple Eyes Exist?
Alexandria Genesis

Purple eyes are considered one of the most fascinating phenomena. Some believe that specific color attribute is associated with a genetic mutation, considered fiction by many, called Alexandria Genesis.

Keratoconus Causes, Treatments and Symptoms

Keratoconus is one disorder that causes this misshaping of the cornea ultimately leading to it bulging out. Fewer than 200,000 people per year are impacted by Keratoconus.

5 Monocular Depth Cues | Adjusting to Monocular Vision
Monocular Vision Cues

There are 5 monocular depth cues or visual cues that can be used to gain a better perspective on the depth and distance of objects. By becoming proficient in reading and understanding these depth cues a person is capable of approximating the actual distance objects are from each other.


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