What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a category of diseases that damages the optic nerve impacting a person's eye sight which can ultimately lead to blindness if not treated. If diagnosed in time and treated the chances of saving your eye sight are dramatically increased. Although Glaucoma is indiscriminate and can impact anyone there are some people who are at higher risk. For instance, the people listed below are more susceptible;

What Causes Glaucoma?

Several studies have illustrated that eye pressure build up is a major contributing factor and risk of developing Glaucoma. Pressure build up can be caused from a variety of offenders ranging from fluid build up within the eye because it is unable to flow properly or from blood pressure related issues.

Some symptoms may include:

It is important to note that in some cases there are no symptoms that present themselves.

How is Glaucoma Treated?

If any of the above symptoms present themselves it is important to consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor may dilate your eye and run some tests to measure the cornea and pressure inside the eye, test your vision at different distances, and test how your peripheral vision is.
These test may include the following:

If you are diagnosed with Glaucoma there are various treatments available depending on the progression of the infliction.
Some of these treatments may include:

Below are more comprehensive articles, and reports regarding Glaucoma

Does Marijuana Really Help Treat Glaucoma?
Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been promoted as an effective treatment option for certain diseases such as Glaucoma. In fact, researchers have focused their interest on active molecules in marijuana called cannabinoids which have shown positive results in treating glaucoma and other diseases.

Test may spot glaucoma before symptoms begin, study says

Using fluorescent dye that sticks to the cells about to die in the retina might be able to spot glaucoma a decade before symptoms appear. This study however, is still in its infancy and requires more research and testing.


An in depth overview of Glaucoma, its causes, treatments and symptoms by the University Of Maryland. Find out what to look out for and learn about the various treatments available.


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