Smart Contact Lenses – How Far Away Are They?
Smart Contact Lenses

When thinking about the potential of emerging technologies, it’s often good to try and visualize the most extreme endpoint that you can think of, where the technology would be fully matured. We’ve done this before when we thought about what real-time virtual reality might look like, or when we thought about what a fully functioning autonomous taxi company would need to operate. Now we’d like to think about the same thing for augmented reality (AR), a technology...

7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Wide Awake
Eye Makeup Tips

If you did not sleep last night and your eyes look swollen, worn out and droopy there is no reason your eyes have to show it. Learn makeup tips on how to make your eyes look wide awake. If you are seriously looking for help to make your eyes look wide awake, this article has some fantastic makeup tips.

3 Things To Consider Before Buying Online
buying online

Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated with each passing day leading to advances that optimize the way people communicate, interact, work and purchase goods. However, people's ingenuity focused on finding new ways to take advantage of this technology in combination with their trusting nature has resulted in new realities. Some examples include recent breaches to business and political institutions using such methods as phishing scams and social engineering deceptions.

Contact Lens King Inc., Supports Sight-saving Programs for Children from Prevent Blindness
prevent blindness

To support healthy vision and fight against vision impairment and blindness, Contact Lens King Inc., has partnered with Prevent Blindness, the nation’s oldest voluntary eye health and safety organization. With this partnership, Contact Lens King, in collaboration with Prevent Blindness, is hoping to further promote the awareness and the importance of maintaining and protecting healthy vision in children.

Contact Lens King Partners with Prevent Blindness
Prevent Blindness

Contact Lens King has partnered with Prevent Blindness to raise awareness for vision impairment and blindness. For the month of October, 2016 Contact Lens King will donate $10 for every order that uses promotional code PB10.


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