Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis

What is Pink Eye?

Pink Eye is an inflammation of the thin layer covering the surface of the inner eyelid and the front of the eye (also known as the conjunctiva). This eye infection is indiscriminate and can affect people of all ages and backgrounds.

What Are Pink Eye Symptoms and Causes?

The three main types of Pink Eye:

  • infectious: caused by a contagious virus or bacteria
  • allergic: allergies to things like pollen, cosmetics, animals or fabrics can cause allergic conjunctivitis
  • chemical: air pollution, noxious fumes and chlorine in swimming pools can produce the chemical form

The above may cause inflammation and itching of the eye. If any of these symptoms are experienced it is recommended to consult your eye care doctor quickly.

How is Pink Eye Treated?

Some home remedies include using a damp cloth to possibly reduce redness and swelling while reducing discomfort, however it is advised to consult your eye doctor so they can properly treat the problem.

To prevent Pink Eye:

  • Keep your hands away from your eyes
  • Thoughly wash hands before and after applying eye medications
  • Do not share towels, washcloths, cosmetics or eyedrops with others
  • Seek treatment promptly

Below are more comprehensive articles, and reports regarding Pink Eye symptoms, treatment and prevention.


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Most cases of pink eye (conjunctivitis) donít require antibiotics
Author:Mallika Marshall, MD

In many instances Pink Eye can be treated by using simple home remedies such as applying warm and cool compresses and using over-the-counter eye drops and antihistamines. If you think you or your child has Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis call your doctor immediately, and donít be shocked if they don't prescribe anything, in fact they might be doing you a favor. READ MORE

Pink Eye: Usually Mild and Easy to Treat

The symptoms of pink eye may vary depending on the cause, and in most cases are usually mild and can naturally resolve itself without treatment. However, there are times when it is important to see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. But how do you know when it is time to contact your doctor? What specific symptoms should you be concerned about? READ MORE

Facts About Pink Eye
Author:National Eye Institute

With Pink eye being one of the most common and treatable eye conditions in children and adults it is important to know the causes, symptoms and treatment options. With approximately 3 million cases of pink eye occurring each year in the United States most of the cases do not require any prescribed treatment. So if you believe you or a loved one has Pink Eye what symptoms and steps should you take? READ MORE


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